TrackMan Golf

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TrackMan Full Swing Analysis


TrackMan Swing Assessment Session $129.00 (60 minutes)


TrackMan answers one of golf’s most important questions: “What is your club doing at the moment of impact”? A TrackMan Assessment session is a premium diagnostic evaluation that provides you with an objective assessment of the performance of your swing using Doppler radar technology. Together with the expert guidance of PGA of Canada Professional, Bill Dreger, you’ll gain a deeper understanding of what happens when club meets ball and take home real-world information that aligns with your goals and intentions.  

TrackMan Performance Putting Session $129.00 (60 minutes)


In a TrackMan Performance Putting session, we work with a simple, textbook model for putting technique. This, coupled with a clear view of the impact conditions we’re trying to achieve, means anyone can develop a solid, reliable putting stroke that works. Add immediate, real-time feedback from TrackMan 4, and you’re well on your way to becoming a better putter.

TrackMan Equipment Analysis $99.00 (45 minutes)


Thinking of purchasing new clubs and not sure where to start? Maybe you’re just wondering if your current equipment is right for you. These sessions focus on assessing the suitability of your equipment, giving you the answers and advice you need to make your equipment decisions. You’ll receive a report that highlights recommendations for club design, set configuration, shaft flex, grip size, length, lie angle and more.

TrackMan Combine Test $99.00 (45 minutes)


The TrackMan Combine is a standardized test that involves hitting a series of shots to nine different targets set at 60, 70, 80, 90, 100, 120, 140, 160 and 180 yards, plus an additional series with the driver. Players hit two sets of three shots to each of these targets, for a total of 60 shots in all. It’s a thorough examination of your ability to control shot distances, not to mention the fact that it really helps you bear down and focus on target, particularly beneficial when practicing indoors.