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Club Path Math

Warning! High nerd factor in this post! Even after 5 years of owning a Trackman, I continue to be intrigued by the correlations and relationships between the various data it provides. I’m certainly not a physicist, geometry expert or mathematician – in fact, I barely passed high school math – so I figure if I…
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May 28, 2015 0

TrackMan Golf Case Study – “Reducing Spin Loft”

TrackMan Golf Case Study – February 8, 2013 – “Reducing Spin Loft” Subject: RH Male, early 50’s, in very good shape and physically strong. Career best score of 74, but last season averaged 84 strokes per round. In our pre-session interview, he mentioned being a very high ball hitter. Since he plays most of his…
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February 8, 2013 0