Month: November 2021

Gray Day at Lake O’Hara – Nov 24/21

Fucking bulk food bins, you know those ones where you put your bag around the chute and lift a lever to release the goods? There’s always one goddam peanut or a broken M&M piece wedged in the works so the chute won’t fully open and nothing comes out. So you give ‘er a lil jiggle…
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November 24, 2021 0


Up the irons! This ski would probably have not happened if it weren’t for Iron Maiden. My partner had bailed out last minute but I was like fuck it, I’m still going. In my mind, though, i was a little off. It was cold and my motivation was questionable. Off i went anyway, aiming for…
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November 19, 2021 0

Moraine Lake Road

First real ski of the year. Cloudy with flurries all day, not so great for the scenic views. Low snowfall so far means acceptable risk level in proceeding through the avalanche terrain to get all the way to the lake. Latest snow/rain/sleet event might change that.

November 16, 2021 0

The Real Me

The “Real Me”. Obviously, I’m a golf pro, so there will surely be some golf stuff here. But mostly this space is for short stories, poems, trip reports, recipes and other assorted randoms. Mainly inspired by the outdoors and the joy of movement; and dedicated to the preservation and promotion of mental health.

November 15, 2021 0

Exploratory Venture in PLPP

Not quite the start we had to ski season last year, but things are starting to shape up. Headed for the “back door” access to Pocaterra with minimal expectations and a “just nice to be outside” mindset. About an hour later, I was enjoying the view at the Kananaskis Fire Lookout. Expectations far exceeded with…
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November 8, 2021 0