How to Practice Golf

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A 10-second google search will yield thousands of articles telling you how you should practice golf. Unfortunately, a key element of effective practice is often overlooked: Accountability. Its absence is a big part of the reason you have trouble taking your game from the range to the course.
Luckily, there are many ways you can bring accountability to your practice sessions. Here are a just a couple:
Set measurable goals and keep score. For example, you could make it a point to stay at the putting green until you’ve holed ten 5-foot putts. If it takes you 40 tries to make those 10 putts, then you have a target to try and improve upon next time out. Write it down and track your progress. When you start going 10-for-10, it’s time to up the difficulty.
Practice with a partner. Compete in head-to-head challenges such as closest to the pin contests or playing 18 holes on the putting green. Put something on the line, say, push-ups for the loser. A little bit of friendly competition increases the fun factor, while setting out consequences for sub-optimal performance adds a motivational element that can really help you get “course-ready”.

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