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As with any other sport, success in golf tends to follow those who work hard on the fundamentals. Good grip habits top that list.
One thing you’ll seldom see in elite-level players is “un-gripping” of the club. Among weekend warriors, however, un-gripping is quite common. In an effort to make a “bigger turn”, the secure connection between the hands and the grip is often compromised, resulting in a “loosey-goosey” top-of-backswing position. The club never really gets set in a solid delivery position.
If you’re wearing out your golf gloves in the heel area of the palm, chances are, you’re guilty of un-gripping. It can get expensive to visit your pro shop for a new glove every 2 or 3 rounds and the extra strokes add up, too.
Strive to maintain the key point of contact between the butt of the club and the heel of the palm on your glove hand from the start of the swing right through to the finish. You’ll be forced to make a better shoulder turn and a more disciplined wrist hinge to set the club. In turn, you’ll deliver the club to the ball with greater control.

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