Hold your Finish and Choose your Reaction

Hold your Finish and Choose your Reaction

August 19, 2013 Calgary Golf Lessons Free Golf Tips Golf Coaching and Instruction Golf Practice TrackMan Golf 0

We humans are equipped with the most powerful computers on the planet – our brains. This incredible processing power can be both friend and foe.

Given our capacity to process information at extremely fast speeds, our emotional response to bad shots begins almost immediately – virtually at the instant the club makes contact with the ball. Before the shot has even taken flight, we “know” it was “bad”. If we leave these immediate responses unchecked, they can easily turn into feelings of anger, despair, hopelessness, complacency – or all of the above.

Now, I’m no psychologist, just a golfer who’s “been there”. Those emotional ups and downs are tiring. What if you could overcome the urge to indulge the immediate knee-jerk reactions to bad shots and replace them with more reasoned and considered responses?

Endeavor to hold your finish on every shot for a 3-count, striving for stillness in both body and mind. In addition to training your physical balance, this 3-second “zone of stillness” gives you just enough pause to choose your reaction – and I’d be willing to bet that when you take control of your reactions to your shots, your outcomes will improve.

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