Hallmarks of Great Golfers – Balance

Hallmarks of Great Golfers – Balance

August 3, 2013 Calgary Golf Lessons Free Golf Tips Golf Coaching and Instruction 0

If you’re old enough to remember the days when woods were actually made of wood, you might also remember Calvin Peete, who was the PGA Tour leader in the driving accuracy category for 10 years running, from 1981 through 1990. He also racked up 14 worldwide victories along the way. According to Peete, there are three keys to accurate driving: “balance, balance and balance.”

While great balance is a hallmark of top players, its importance is often overlooked by weekend warriors. Luckily, balance is a skill that responds readily to training. One effective way to improve balance is to hold your finish on each and every swing. In a good finish position, your torso faces the target, your back foot rolls up onto its toes and your weight is fully committed to your front side. Try to stay in this position for a deliberate 3-count.

The advanced version: Once you have finished the swing, raise your back foot off the ground and try to balance on your front foot only.

Simple as they sound, these exercises can be difficult to master – but the return on investment makes them worth the effort. Just ask Calvin!

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