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I know I’m not alone in saying the British Open is one of my favorite tournaments. To me, the most exciting thing is watching the creativity that links golf demands.
Successfully navigating the bounces, breezes, rolls and rough at the British Open calls upon every ounce of imagination the players can muster. Even if you don’t play on British Open style courses, developing imaginative shotmaking skills is a great way to add stroke-saving tools to your arsenal. Here are a couple of suggestions for creative practice.
Many shots, one club: Next time you visit the chipping green, scatter a dozen balls around the green in all sorts of lies and aim for targets at various distances. Hit all of these shots with the same club.
Many clubs, one shot: Drop your balls in one place and aim them all at the same target – but this time, use a different club for each shot.
Albert Einstein never played in a British Open, but he hit the nail on the head with his famous quote: “imagination is more important than knowledge”. Engage your imagination in your practice. Not only is it fun, but you’ll become a more creative golfer.

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