Play a “Practice” Round

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“I’m great on the range, but everything falls apart when I get on the course.”

Sound familiar?

Range practice certainly has a part to play in your development as a golfer – getting those full swing “reps” in is important. Some things, however, are better practiced on the course. Things like fairway bunker shots, sloping lies, punch shots out from under hanging tree limbs or those “imagination shots” around the greens. One way to get some of this type of practice in is by playing a round of “two-ball worst ball”.

As the name implies, you’ll play two balls for each shot, selecting the one that ends up in the worst position for the next shot, like a scramble in reverse. As you might guess, this format adds both strokes and time to your round, so be sure to choose a time when you will not be delaying play – a 9-hole twilight round on a quiet evening is a perfect match. Not only does this format bring a variety of shots into play, keeping score adds the element of accountability that is difficult to capture in traditional range practice sessions.

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