Mid-season Slump

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Asked by a fellow golfer how to shake a mid-season slump, 3-time Masters Champion, Jimmy Demaret, advised him to “take two weeks off and then quit”.  Now, absence might make the heart grow fonder, but surely there’s a better option than giving up golf altogether! Try these alternatives if you find yourself in a funk on the fairways.

A slump is usually accompanied by tension in the swing. One of the ways tension manifests itself is via a sudden increase in grip pressure to start the downswing. Strive to maintain the same grip pressure from the start of the swing to the finish.

Sometimes a slump is simply a case of over-trying. If “perfect” is your goal, anything less will leave you disappointed. Remember the old saying: “It’s not how, it’s how many.” Get back to basics; the boring, textbook stuff. Use the “GASP” checklist – Grip, Alignment, Stance, Posture – to review your starting position. You might discover that a small flaw in one of these areas is the source of all your troubles. Another set of eyes can be especially helpful here – consider taking a refresher lesson to reinforce the fundamentals.