Playing out of the Rough

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With the official first day of summer just around the corner, surely it’s going to stop raining and stay sunny until, say, the end of October? After all this moisture, the rough at your favorite track is going to take on a whole new character as soon as that sun hits it. Think: “US Open rough.”

When your ball settles deeply into the rough, getting the ball back in play is job one. The most common unforced error is careless club selection: trying to hit a club with too little loft. No matter how heroic your swing, the results seldom measure up to the effort invested and you risk injury to boot.

The deeper the lie, the more loft you need!  Think ahead to your next shot and play for position.
To get the ball back in play, open the clubface slightly and position the ball further back in your stance. Take a firm grip, use a ¾ swing and aim to strike the ball with a descending blow. Expect the ball to come out lower than usual and roll more upon landing. It won’t be the prettiest shot you’ve ever hit, but you’ll be back in the game.

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