Weekly Golf Tip – When it’s Breezy, Swing Easy!

Weekly Golf Tip – When it’s Breezy, Swing Easy!

May 3, 2013 Calgary Golf Lessons Free Golf Tips Golf Coaching and Instruction 0

Breezy? Swing Easy

 “When it’s breezy, swing easy.” There’s a very good chance you’ve heard this tip before, but that’s for good reason: It’s one that has stood the test of time (plus a bonus for the catchy rhyme). Faster swings create higher spin rates – and wind and spin usually don’t play well together, especially when those winds are swirling toward you at an angle.

On upwind approach shots, take an extra club and choke down a touch to get the ball launching lower and spinning less. Allow for a little more roll than usual.  If it’s extremely windy, a slightly wider stance will help you stay stable over the ball. You might also put a lower-spin ball in play on those drafty days – visit a pro shop near you to discuss the available options.

But all the textbook stuff aside, playing well in the wind is largely a state of mind. The harder it blows the more calm you need to be. Don’t try to out-muscle the wind – instead, outsmart it. As the old adage goes, play one shot at a time. Keep it simple. Stay poised, be patient and think positive. Easy does it.