Weekly Golf Tip – Breaking 80, by the Numbers

Weekly Golf Tip – Breaking 80, by the Numbers

May 20, 2013 Calgary Golf Lessons Free Golf Tips Golf Coaching and Instruction 0

You’ve just finished your round. You hit 8 greens, got up and down 40% of the time and had 32 putts. Congratulations! You just broke 80. Want to make a habit of it?

Analyze: You miss greens for one of two reasons: your tee shots land in places where you simply don’t have a chance to hit the green with your next shot; or you drive it into position and follow up with inaccurate iron shots. What’s your most common tendency? Keep your stats and practice your weakness.

Realistic Expectations: On average, a 15-handicapper hits the ball 45 feet from the target at 150 yards. If you hit a 150 yard shot within 45 feet of the hole, you should be congratulating – not berating – yourself. The right mindset can really make a difference.

Chipping & Lag Putting: Fact: if your chips or long putts end up 6 to 8 feet from the hole, you’ll miss the following putt at least 50% of the time. Get these shots within 3 feet of the hole and your success rate will jump to almost 100%.

Above all else, remember: every single shot carries equal weight on the scorecard.

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