Twitter – The Floating Sushi of Social Media

Twitter – The Floating Sushi of Social Media

December 23, 2011 Business Strategy Industry Rants and Raves 0

I dabble on various social media sites, but if I had to choose just one for business purposes – it would be Twitter. Feel free to disagree with my sentiments given that I’m a confirmed social media non-expert – but to me, Twitter is the “floating sushi” of social media and that’s what I really like about it.

If you’re reading this, I probably don’t need to explain how Twitter works and I’m sure you’ve already pieced together the sushi analogy. Who doesn’t love floating sushi restaurants? There is a constant stream of food going by and you can pick and choose the items you want to eat while letting the ones you don’t want simply float on by.

I see my twitter timeline the same way. All these tweets floating by; all those bites of information – which ones get my attention? Like most twitterites, I choose the accounts I follow based on my interests. Obviously, my stream is golf heavy; I also follow a lot of ski industry types; some cycling stuff; favorite sports teams/athletes; there’s the obligatory sampling of famous people; some local and national news sites; a little bit of politics; some business/strategic thinking and the indispensable “etc” category. Twitter has largely replaced many of the newspapers, magazines and even trade publications I used to read with a more convenient and expansive format. I follow about 1100 accounts all told – that’s not a lot compared to some, but it’s certainly enough that I can’t possibly read every tweet posted by every person. I have to let lots of tweets slide quietly by, in the same way that I have to say “no thanks” to lots of the sushi plates that float by. But, if I see maguro coming my way, I’m gonna drop everything to grab that plate.

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Bill Dreger is a Member of the Professional Golfers Association of Canada and the owner/operator of nonstopGOLF. He is a certified golf geek with more than 15 years experience in coaching, instruction and program development. He helps new golfers and experienced players alike get their games in tune using the TrackMan Golf launch monitor system along with a relaxed, conversational approach that promotes intuitive learning through skill development and guided discovery. TrackMan training sessions are available year-round at Calgary’s Riverside Golf Centre and in-season at the Wintergreen G&CC, located in Bragg Creek.