Weekly Golf Tip – Travel Light and Fast

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Pre-shot Routine: Travel “Light and Fast” Author John Updike once said: “The golf swing is like a suitcase into which we are trying to pack one too many things.” Isn’t that the truth? That’s why emulating the pre-shot routine employed by 2013 Masters runner-up Angel Cabrera is a good idea. It’s no secret that slow […]

TrackMan Golf – Case Study – “10 More Yards”

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Recently, I offered a lesson program with a money-back guarantee at Calgary’s Riverside Golf Centre. (I wish I could say it’s an original idea, but I borrowed it from a teacher in the US named Andrew Rice). This is one of the important ways that TrackMan is changing golf instruction: when quantifiable results are available, marketing strategies […]

“Chain-reaction Learning” – The Magic of Golf Teaching

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Building a dependable golf swing is a developmental process. Therefore, any golf improvement plan should be designed in a way that provides a logical framework for continuous progression. This requires the presence of three ingredients: Means to assess golfer performance and identify improvement priorities: the four objectives of the golf swing The success of any […]